Book your exercise classes here!

To book exercise classes, simply click in the circle to the left and follow the prompts:

  • Select where you wish to take the class (Centre)
  • Which class you wish to book (Class)
  • The date of the class
  • Give us an idea when you're available (From: and To: fields)
  • How many places you need
  • Click SEARCH and you'll be shown available options. Choose the class you wish to attend and follow the simple process of finalising the booking.

Registering to use this online booking system

Click the Register link on the right of this screen. There you'll need to create a username, add your email address, and enter your Lifestyle card number. Don't add any gaps - just enter the numbers. Then you'll need to select a security question and provide an answer.

How to pay for booking classes online

If you're already a leisure centre member and your membership includes exercise classes, bookings are free.

If you are not a member, or your membership does not include classes, you will pay the standard rate (prices will be shown once you have selected the class you wish to attend). This involves entering credit card details. The process is easy and means you don't have to wait to speak to a membership advisor to book on your favourite exercise class.